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Heritage Auction features US Error Coinage

Bidding takes place at through April 15,
with a live auction scheduled for 5PM CT on April 15.

See the auction lots at heritage HERE

There is something in the Heritage Auction for every collector no matter what denomination or error type you like!

From blank planchets and clips to die breaks, off centered and broadstruck coins in all denominations, spanning years from the 1700s to present day. Even if you aren’t buying, what better way to spend some time browsing through these many interesting varieties and looking at coins rarely seen.

Out of the 299 lots available, some of the more interesting errors that can be found include:
1943 cent struck on a silver dime planchet, XF40 PCGS
2001 Lincoln Cent, Struck on 2001-P 10C, MS67 Red NGC
1976-S Jefferson Nickel, Struck on 1C Planchet — PR63 Red Ultra Cameo NGC
1977-S Jefferson Nickel, Struck on a Copper Cent Planchet — PR67 Red Cameo PCGS
1966 Roosevelt Dime, Major Obverse Die Break, MS66 NGC
1973-S Roosevelt Dime, Struck on a Liberia 1C Planchet — PR64 Red Cameo NGC
1999-P Roosevelt Dime, Two Piece Bonded Set, MS64 PCGS
2010-P Yosemite National Park Quarter — Struck on 5C Planchet — MS62 PCGS
No Date Kennedy Half Dollar, Struck on 1C Planchet, MS62 RB NGC
Triple-struck 1973-S Kennedy Half, PR64 Cameo NGC
2000-P Sacagawea Dollar, Double Struck, Flipover in Collar, MS64 NGC

A quick look at some other examples out of the many highlighted include:

Undated 1C Type Two, Large Cent
Blank Planchet

No Date 5C Jefferson Nickel
Struck 80% Off Center

1945 10C Mercury Dime

No Date 25C Washington Quarter
Double Struck, Second 55% Off Center

No Date 50C Clad Kennedy Half Dollar
Struck 50% Off Center
PR65 Ultra Cameo NGC

1979-P $1 Susan B. Anthony Dollar
Obverse Die Break

Information on the Heritage April 15 auction can also be found at CoinWeek and Coin World.


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