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Mark Lighterman
5224 West SR 46, #408
Sanford FL 32771

 Vice President

James Motley
PO Box 1471
Highland, MI. 48357

James Motley has been involved in Numismatics for just over 50 years as a collector. He has been an officer in the Pontiac Coin Club, and is currently Chairman of the Huron Valley Numismatic Society and is Vice President of CONECA. He also sits on the Board of the Michigan State Numismatic Society, The Elongated Collectors and Women in Numismatics. He is a member of ANA, CCU, CONECA, HVNS, MSNS, NUMISSOCIETY, TEC, USCC, and the WIN organizations and take active rolls when needs arise.

James is the proud recipient of two Dr.Lyndon King Awards (2013, 2016) from CONECA and was privileged to be presented the ANA Presidential Award in August of 2014.


Jason Cuvelier
PO Box 1093
SYOSSET, NY 11791-3006

Jason Cuvelier is an artist who was born in Colorado in 1973. At the age of 10 he became interested in type collecting U.S. coins from pocket change and was encouraged by his grandfather, a lifelong collector of coins himself. Always a collector of something, from comic books to action figures and stamps, numismatic varieties won out and became his primary interest. Over the past decade Jason has been able to combine his expertise with photography and Photoshop to document hundreds of different varieties and errors.

      Jason currently is an artist educator at an arts high school on Long Island, NY. He received his BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 1995 and his MFA from Yale University in 1998. Jason has taught drawing and painting as a Lecturer at Yale from 1999-2001, more recently at high schools in Chappaqua and Mamaroneck as well as having previously worked at Christie’s Auction House from 2001-2007.


Michael J. Howard
17600 Northland Park Court
Southfield, Michigan 48075
Office 248-569-2300 ext. 111
Cell 248-431-8215
Fax 248-483-3202

As Treasurer, I can assure you of my high level of applied competency, consistency and commitment to our organization. For those individuals not familiar with my background, I hold four (4) numismatic life memberships: ANA, CONECA, MSNS, CSNS. Mike Ellis enrolled me in 1994 as a CONECA Life Member during the Detroit ANA convention. Term memberships: TAMS, MICH-TAMS, NTCA, Michigan Paper Money Collectors, OHNS, TEC, Numismatic Bibliomania Society, and others.

     I served as 2011 term VP/Program Chair at our local club here in Michigan the Huron Valley Numismatic Society. A position, which I enjoyed immensely!

      Inspired by my Great Grandmother giving me a box of old coins, my passion for numismatics started at the age of 8. I think many of us can relate to that kind of numismatic beginning in one form or another.

     My professional life, over the past 35+ years, includes having served or currently serving as Chairman, President, Vice President, Managing Partner, Program Chair, Member Manager of various Communication, Investment and Real Estate companies. As an advocate of open, constructive dialog I respect your views and opinions and appreciate your input. 


Board Members

Seat 1 – Membership

Al Raddi

Al Raddi was born in Pennsylvania and raised in California. A social worker for 33 years, he is retired and lives in Michigan with his wife Julie and their golden retriever Gracie. His primary collecting interest is Lincoln Cent varieties, but he also enjoys collecting stamps, magazines, train timetables, and comic book art.

Your Membership Coordinator is:

Maria Rickert-Kittell
PO Box 223
Armada, MI 48005-0223


Seat 2 – Publications

Ken Potter
PO Box 33
Pinckney, MI 48169

Ken Potter is 65 years old and began collecting coins in 1959 when the reverse of the Lincoln cent was changed from the wheat-back to the now familiar Lincoln Memorial design.

He dabbled in variety and error coins almost from the very beginning of his collecting career and began specializing in that field in 1979 when he discovered a new variety on a Canadian dollar that made front page news in the Canadian numismatic press.

Ken Potter is 57 years old and began collecting coins in 1959 when the reverse of the Lincoln cent was changed from the wheat-back to the now familiar Lincoln Memorial design. He dabbled in variety and error coins almost from the very beginning of his collecting career and began specializing in that field in 1979 when he discovered a new variety on a Canadian dollar that made front page news in the Canadian numismatic press (in addition to stories in Numismatic News and Coin World).

In addition to being a contributor to countless books, columns and articles by others, he is a prolific author and photographer with regularly featured columns and features in Numismatic News, Coin World, World Coin News, Canadian Coin News, The NCADD Hub, The CONECA Errorscope, The CONECA Web Site and The Mich-Matist – “Michigan Cherries.”

He has also penned numerous feature articles over the years for other publications including: COINage Magazine, Coins Magazine, The American Numismatic Association’s Numismatist, Error Trends Coin Magazine, Error-Variety News, NECA’s Errorscope, CONE’s Errorgram, IASAC’s Silver Bugle and others.

An Author’s Index of numerous articles that he penned for his Collectors Universe column can be found in the PCGS Library and are recommended reading.

In August of 2004, the Numismatic Literary Guild named Potter as the author of the best article (or series or articles) on coins to appear in a Numismatic Newspaper (in 2003) for his “Spiked Head” series that appeared in Numismatic News and again for the Best Spot News Story or Continuing Coverage of Developing Story in Numismatics in 2008 for his series on “Presidential Dollar Error Coinage” appearing in Numismatic News in 2007. NLG presented him and coauthor Brian Allen with an award of Extraordinary Merit, for the first edition of this book in 2007.

He is a member in good standing in NLG, a charter life member of CONECA, a founding member of NCADD, and a life member of the ANA.

He was bestowed with an honorary life membership in the Michigan State Numismatic Society, is a member of Northwest Detroit Coin Club, Worldwide Bimetallic Coin Club, International Association Of Silver Art Collectors.
He’s served on CONECA’s Board of Directors in the past and is currently on his fourth consecutive term in the Webmaster position.  He is CONECA’s longest serving doubled die attributer (unofficially since 1981 and officially since 1985) and is the CONECA/ICG Program attributer for world die variety and error coins. He is also the official attributer of world die varieties for NCADD.

He has conducted numerous slide show and question and answer seminars on minting varieties and errors for coin clubs, schools and treasure hunting clubs. He was employed by Chrysler where he retired as a quality inspector after 34 years of service to the company in 2008. Other interests include, fishing, the outdoors, aquariums, music, computers and spending time with his daughter Anna, son Robert and wife, Kim.


Seat 3 – Youth Director

Jon Sullivan
PO Box 80459
Charleston, SC 29414-0459

I became interested in coins when I attended a Civil War relic show which was also being held in conjunction with a coin show. I wandered into the coin show and was intrigued and fascinated by all the coin designs as well as how old they where! I bought several coins and a few weeks later bought a coin price guide and some coin albums and began collecting coins in earnest. A year or two later, I received a book entitled “U.S. Coin Variety and Oddity Guide” by Spadone. The book introduced me to the anomalies which can occur on coins, and I began searching rolls for mistakes, as well as collecting errors and varieties. Later, when I was 13, I decided I wanted to be a coin dealer, and a year or two later, I decided to become an error coin dealer. I currently deal in error coins part-time, and also collect error coins as well as U.S. Type coins. In a few years I will be a full-time error coin dealer.
     I live in Tennessee near Nashville, and travel much of year due to my job, which is working as a PDR (paintless dent repair) technician. I fix vehicles which where damaged by hail storms, but due to the small number of hail storms, I have to travel wherever the work is in the U.S. Some of my non-numismatic interests include mountain biking, history, my church, fishing, and business.

Seat 4 – Public Relations / Elections
David Smock


Seat 5 – Webmaster

Peter Lukic
PO Box 121
Rutherford, NJ 07070

Peter Lukic is an accomplished art director, designer and photographer specializing in print, web and marketing. Based in Northern New Jersey, he has a broad client base and has worked on projects ranging from national magazine accounts to museum installations and catalogs. He is currently working on a variety of marketing and identity projects for his other clients.
     Peter is a co-owner of the Lincoln Cent Forum and specializes in collecting Lincoln varieties and errors. Through his work there and with BJ Neff, he  has helped to do outreach and expand the hobby to a younger generation of potential hobbyists.


Seat 6 – Attribution Examination Services

James “Rick” Emery

James R. Emery
was born and raised in central Pennsylvania.  He started collecting in 1962 after his den mother (cub scouts) tossed a Whitman volume 1 Lincoln cent folder to him and said ‘You will start a hobby collecting coins so that you can earn your silver arrow badge’. True to those words he earned his badge and was on his way to becoming a professional dealer, which today is working for Robert Charles Coin Company, Inc.
     He became interested in all aspects of the hobby and errors over 30 years ago but had little information to build on. He began to read and acquire many books on various subjects to have a better understanding to the what’s and whys in numismatics.
He helps many other collectors and investors in their efforts of obtaining items they are looking for. He educates beginners to structure a solid foundation for their future in this rewarding hobby. As he continues to learn he shares this knowledge with others in hopes to inspire a desire to pursue their interest in numismatics.
     With the coming New Year and decade he had committed himself to continue to striving to educate and introduce individuals to this great and exciting hobby that is before us. In his words, “I pray that I may fulfill my position with CONECA to better serve its members and the young coming into this fascinating hobby.”


Seat 7 – Recognitions / Historian

Matt Draiss
P.O. Box 25
Athens, NY 12015

Matt Draiss is an award winning, published rare coin industry expert from Athens, NY. At the age of 11, Matt inherited a coin collection from his grandfather, that soon became an obsession, and just 3 years later he became a rare coin dealer as Matt Draiss Numismatics & Galleries. His particular favorite area to collect is Greene County, NY national bank notes and obsolete bank notes/merchant scrip from across New York. He is a member in good standing of the Albany Numismatic Society (2nd Vice President), Florida United Numismatists, the Society of Paper Money Collectors, the Civil War Token Society, the Numismatic Literary Guild, the ANA, and C.O.N.E.C.A. He has interned at Heritage Auctions, and spent a week as an intern at N.G.C. where he got to see the full workings of the company. He is also a proud, 3rd generation volunteer firefighter with the Athens Volunteer Fire Department. “It is an honor to be serving on the CONECA board with so many fellow numismatic enthusiasts. Rare coins are not just something that I do; it is a lifestyle!”


Seat 8 – Errorama/ANA

Joe Coggon


Errorscope Administration

Allan Anderson

Advertising Manager
Allan Anderson


Errorscope Back Issues

Lee Gong
1211 West College Ave.
Santa Rosa, CA 95401


Address Changes
Maria Rickert-Kittell
PO Box 223
Armada, MI 48005-0223


Special Programs
YN Program/Youth Director
Jon Sullivan
PO Box 80459
Charleston, SC 29414-0459

Jon Sullivan
PO Box 80459
Charleston, SC 29414-0459

CONECA Slide Program
Bill Fivaz
PO Box 888660
Dunwoody, GA 30356-0660

CONECA State Representative Program

James Motley

Attribution Personnel
CONECA Examiner/Attributers


Web Site

Peter Lukic
PO Box 121
Rutherford, NJ 07070

Assistant Webmaster
James Motley

Assistant Web Site Editor
Ken Potter
PO Box 33
Pinckney, MI 48169


Public Relations

Press Releases
David Smock

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