Where’s the CONECA Master List

Without a doubt that’s been the most frequently asked questions those of us on the CONECA Board have heard these past 2 years. Sometimes many times in one day. It’s not an easy answer and after finally being able to create, test and now launch the new site we hope you find that your patience has been worth the wait.


For many years the original Master List was presented as text only variety listings with no images on a series of html pages. We had to translate those text files onto a data base driven platform that allowed us to more easily search and access information. To properly make the Master List we wanted to merge a varieties text with its images. We’re working through 190,000+ denomination images shot over 30 year to cull, improve and add to them. All denomination images will be added as completed but going through them is an intense ongoing process. 

— Lincoln Wheat Cent Doubled Die Obverse Varieties (DDOs) and Doubled Die Reverse Varieties (DDRs) are complete and posted
— Lincoln Memorial Cent Doubled Die Obverse Varieties (DDOs) and Doubled Die Reverse Varieties (DDRs) are being worked on
— Jefferson Nickel Doubled Die Obverse & Doubled Die Reverse Varieties (DDOs & DDRs) are complete and posted 
— Jefferson Nickel Repunched Mint Marks (RPMs) are complete and posted with new additions
State Quarter 1999-2008, D.C. & Territorial Quarters 2009, ATBQuarter 2010-2019 are being worked on

A denomination is now accessed from one page. From that page, one text box allows you to search by Date, Mintmark, Date-MM, CONECA Number, Mint location (Denver, Philadelphia, San Fransisco), Year + DDO, Year + DDR, Year + RPM, DDO-xxx, DDR-xxx, RPM-xxx, DDO, DDR, RPM, OMM, Die Type (PR, Satin) or any similar combinations of title key words. Each variety links to a page with its information and images. Search examples might be:

Type in the year only and all varieties for that year will be pulled up
Year and MM (example — 1938, 1938-D, 1944-P, 1938-S)
Year and Die Type (example — 1959 PR, 2005 Satin)
Year and CONECA Number (example — 1938 DDO-001, 1940 RPM-001)
Year, Mintmark and CONECA number (example — 1940-D RPM-001)
Mint Location (example — Denver, Philadelphia, San Fransisco)

We hope you enjoy and utilize the Master List!

CONECA would like to thank (in alphabetical order) Eric Extell for his work sorting through, organizing and adding to the Jefferson Nickel RPM images and variety listings; Al Raddi for his work sorting through and organizing the Lincoln Wheat Cent and Lincoln Memorial Cent DDO & DDR images and variety listings and Stephen Young for his work sorting through, organizing and adding to the Jefferson Nickel DDO & DDR, images and variety listings and the State, Territorial and ATB Quarter images and variety listings.

CONECA is actively looking for help. Members with extensive knowledge in a specific denomination(s) or die stages can volunteer to work with us on this project. Or if your skill set is with content management systems and databases we’d like to hear from you. If you’re not sure but seriously interested in content management I’ll train you. Contact Peter @ webservices@conecaonline.org

Welcome to the CONECA Web Site! 
CONECA (pronounced: CŌ´NECA) is a national numismatic organization devoted to the education of error and variety coin collectors. CONECA focuses on many error and variety specialties, including doubled dies, Repunched mintmarks, multiple errors, clips, double strikes, off-metals and off-centers—just to name a few. In addition to its website, CONECA publishes an educational  journal, The Errorscope, which is printed and mailed to members bimonthly. CONECA offers a lending library, examination, listing and attribution services; it holds annual meetings at major conventions (referred to as Errorama) around the country.

CONECA was formed through a merger of CONE and NECA in early 1983. To learn more about the fascinating HISTORY OF THE ERROR HOBBY and THE HISTORY OF CONECA, we encourage you to visit those pages on our site! We thank everybody who has helped make CONECA the great success that it is today!

The September/October issue of Errorscope
has been added to the members only section of the site.
Log in today and take a look!

Articles in this issue include:

President’s Message
James Motley, CONECA President

I just returned home from a week at the ANA Convention in Rosemont.
What a great show! We saw literally hundreds of people come by the table and were busy from the moment it opened until we all had to depart on Saturday. I don’t know at this time the final count on how many new members we have but I am happy with the efforts put in by Jim Zimmerman, Logan Wostyn, Mark Lighterman and a newcomer Greg Bennick (he was the author of the recent Fred Weinberg Interview in the Errorscope.) They all engaged people at the table and it was exciting for me to watch. I was the proudest president of any club on the floor!

Back row left to right: Mark Lighterman, James Motley, Greg Bennick Front Row left to right: Logan Wostyn, ROCKO the dog, James Zimmerman.

CONECA State Representatives Program Update
By James Motley

We are off and running! 22 States have one CONECA State Representative and several have more. We also have three Representatives in Canada from the provinces of Alberta, Ontario and Quebec. If you would like to become a State Representative please email me.

Membership News
By Maria Rickert-Kittell
CONECA would like to thank the following members for their generous contributions to our organization:

Charlie Bathman – $25.00 General Fund John Beasley – $25.00 General Fund Paul L. Beer – $10.00 Youth Fund Anthony Gundrum – $50.00 General Fund Malcolm Johnson – $25.00 Youth Fund Matthew Michelini – $20.00 General Fund
Lawrence T. Nakata – $10.00 General Fund
Kenneth Oliver – $15.00 Youth Fund
Alexander Sabatino – $20.00 Youth Fund
Barbara Swisher – $10.00 each General/Youth Fund
Ernie Yeager – $100.00 General Fund

Welcome to our 40 new CONECA members. Total Membership – 980 Recipient of the Romeo A. Maynard Scholarship for Young Numismatists Oliver Anderson and Griffin Mallory – both recommended by James Motley CONECA has an additional Young Numismatist – Tonya Poorman – recommended by Self

Young Numismatists Program
By Logan Wostyn
Hello to all the wonderful YN’s. Congratulations to all who participated in the last quiz. This issue’s YN Challenge will be much simpler. I want you to go to https://minterrornews.com and select an article. Then write me a paragraph describing the article you read and what you learned from it. Don’t be afraid to read one out of your comfort zone. Remember if you have any questions you can always send me an email. As always I will send out some prizes to all who participate. Have fun and learn something new. Logan

Summer 2022 FUN Show Update
By James Zimmerman

The Summer 2022 FUN Show was held from July 7-9th at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. The Florida United Numismatist continues to provide our club with free space, not only for the summer show but for the winter show held every January. Activity was pretty brisk at our table that was manned by members John Miller, Mark Lighterman, Bob Mellor and me. The Summer FUN Show isn’t quite as large as the Winter FUN but still one of the larger coin shows. If you have a chance next January, stop at our club table and say hi and/or bring in your error coins for us to examine. We would love to chat!

From left to right: John Miller, Mark Lighterman, Bob Mellor and James Zimmerman

World’s Fair of Money Show Update
By James Zimmerman

The ANA’s World’s Fair of Money Coin Show was held from August 16th to the 20th at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL (Chicago suburb). A big thanks goes out to the ANA for not only providing CONECA with a free club table, but for also giving our club a corner table in a very accessible area.

CONECA Offers Overstrike Medals
By James Motley

The Combined Organizations of Numismatic Error Collectors of America (CONECA) is offering a limited number of Mexican Coyolxauhqui Commemorative 50 Peso coins Overstruck with CONECA’s Logo die mated with a St. Gaudens Double Eagle Liberty design on the flip side. St. Gaudens’ Miss Liberty holding a torch and olive branch design is considered one of the most beautiful struck by the US Mint.


Where’s the CONECA Master List?
By Peter Lukic

Without a doubt that’s been the most frequently asked questions those of us on the CONECA Board have heard these past 2 years. Sometimes many times in one day. It’s not an easy answer and after finally being able to create, test and now launch the new site we hope you find that your patience has been worth the wait. https://www.conecaonline.info

2022 CONECA Awards
By James Motley

Every year at the annual Errorama, CONECA recognizes members for their service and contributions.

Dr. King Award
Awarded to Stephen Young who has gone above and beyond with his contributions to CONECA.

Kenny Knapp Award Winners
Annual Recruiter Blueridge Silverhound (3)
Coin Help U 25 Member Level (49)
James Zimmerman 25 Member Level (38)
James Motley 100+ Grand Slam. (104)

Literary Award
James Motley Maria Rickert-Kittell Logan Wostyn Denny Polly Joseph DeBenedett James Zimmerman John H Miller Jr. Adhitri Sethuraghavan Ken Potter Jason Cuvelier John H Cava Elliot Mitchell Jason Kim Patrick Jenkins Michael Fey Robert Knauss Jimmy Krozel Allan Anderson Paul Wright Greg Bennick Lee Roschen Pete Apple Mathew K – YN Julian K – YN Jason K – YN Adhu P – YN Last names are not published for YN’s

The Original Error Coins

By Jason Kim

Imagine living 2,000 years ago and going to the bakery to buy bread. You have a few copper coins with you, and when you go to purchase your loaf, you look down at the coins in your hand and notice that one seems to have a doubled image.

This denarius of Hadrian shows many splits.

Nose Cuds

By Martin Wettmark

Sometimes cuds appear on faces and on a few occasions they can be found on Regents noses.

My First Experience as a CONECA State Representative
By Lee Roschen

After 57 years of being a coin collector and hobbyist, and 23 years of membership with CONECA, I decided the moment was right for me to give back to the organization that rejuvenated my interest in numismatics.

Clashed Die(s)
By Ken Potter Die

Clashes are the result of a failure of a feeder system to deposit a planchet between the dies during a press cycle.

2022 CONECA Election Platforms

On the following pages you will find the 2022 election platforms for CONECA Board candidates.

Cherry Picking 101

By Patrick Jenkins

Remember it’s “the journey” that makes collecting fun. From a YN to an old one this journey will give you years of pleasure. You will meet many interesting people, make new friends and learn so much about subjects that one would never connect to collecting money. As a variety collector I always head out to the show with the famous words of a treasure hunter on my mind, Mel Fisher, “today will be the day!” and like Mel you will search until “The Day”.”


By Greg Bennick

Welcome to Numisminutia, a series of articles focused on exciting error coins and especially on the fun and fascinating stories and details around them.

Cuve’s Round Up 23
By Jason Cuvelier

Let’s start off with a new DDR on a 2022 Maya Angelo quarter sent in by Evelyn Rivera. I have listed it as 2022P 25c DDR-001 (1-R-IX-1) EDS and it sows a strong spread as an earring southeast of the primary. I have seen one other minor DDR on the same design with an apparent extra part of the ring as well, meaning collectors are advised to search that area in particular as I would expect most new DDRs on this design. I am already getting reports that other collector have found several and some have sold on eBay recently.

2022-P Washington Quarter DDR-001 (1-R-IX-1)

Next is a coin I photographed a while ago that was at Angel Dee’s in a MS66 holder.

1917 Lincoln Cent DDO-00

Below is a 1972 Lincoln Cent DDO-003 Stage C from the E Raser collection that has been broadstruck.

1972 Lincoln Cent DDO-003 Broadstruck

The following two coins were sent in by Robert Umbarger, both are Roosevelt Dimes

2020-P Roosevelt Dime DDR-001 (1-R-IX-1)

2017-P Roosevelt Dime DDR-001 (1-R-IX-1)


Read all of these Errorscope articles and more by logging onto your online CONECA account or become a member today to enjoy the latest issues.

CONECA members who need a login username and password to access the Errorscope Online Members Only area, should email the Membership Coordinator, Maria Rickert – Kittell. A valid email address on file with CONECA is required for access to current and back issues of the Errorscope online.

Donations to CONECA
CONECA is a 501 (c) (3) tax – exempt charity and public supported organization as defined in
sections 170 (b) (1) (A) (vi) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations to CONECA are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Federal ID #46-0343568.
Mail Donations To: CONECA Treasurer – 472 Cherry Lane Rd., Friedens, PA 15541

2021 CONECA Awards

Congratulations to all those listed below.

CONECA Hall of Fame
This year Jason Cuvelier has been inducted into the CONECA Hall of Fame

Dr. Lyndon King Award
This award is given to the CONECA member who has went above and beyond to help the organization. This years recipient is Mr. Peter Lukic.

2020 Kenny Knapp Award
This year Daniel Malone won the Annual Member Recruiting Award

2021 Literary Awards
All persons publishing qualifying material in ErrorScope or on the club web site receive recognition in the form of a specially produced item. Works that qualify for a Literary Recognition include, but are not limited to: numismatic error-variety-related articles, reports, indexes, crossword puzzles, and cartoons. Works may be about coins, (including tokens, medals and currency), memorabilia, events, minting processes, CONECA business, or people related to the error-variety hobby.

Pete Apple
Mark Benvenuto
Will Brooks
Dr. Ron Brown
John Cava
Steven Couzzo
Joe Cronin
Jason Cuvelier
Michael Fey PhD
John Gibson
Patrick Jenkins
Malcolm Johnson
Robert Knauss
John Miller Jr.
Elliot Mitchell
James Motley
Pat Mullen
Denny Polly
Maria Rickert-Kittell
John Roberts
Benjamin Simpson
JC Stevens
Preston Thomas
Logan Wostyn
James Zimmerman


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