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CONECA (pronounced: CŌ´NECA) is a national numismatic organization devoted to the education of error and variety coin collectors. CONECA focuses on many error and variety specialties, including doubled dies, Repunched mintmarks, multiple errors, clips, double strikes, off-metals and off-centers—just to name a few. In addition to its website, CONECA publishes an educational  journal, The Errorscope, which is printed and mailed to members bimonthly. CONECA offers a lending library, examination, listing and attribution services; it holds annual meetings at major conventions (referred to as Errorama) around the country. 

CONECA was formed through a merger of CONE and NECA in early 1983. To learn more about the fascinating HISTORY OF THE ERROR HOBBY and THE HISTORY OF CONECA, we encourage you to visit those pages on our site! We thank everybody who has helped make CONECA the great success that it is today!

The September/October 2019 color issue of Errorscope
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Articles in CONECA’s September/October 2019 Issue Of ErrorScope include:

The Best We Can Get?
By Mark Benvenuto

We have an interesting and rich set of terms when it comes to error coinage. Terms like: off-center dies, mis-aligned dies, cracked planchet, multiply-struck planchet, and brokerage all rear their heads in any long-term discussion about various errors. And yet, every now and again we find a coin with an error that appears to go beyond what we might call normal errors. The piece seen here, a 1685 very large one öre copper piece from Sweden, may fall into this category.

The Curious Case of the 1910 S RPM-003 LWC
By Robert Archer

Many Lincoln Cent variety collectors are familiar with the 1946 SIMM-00 1 Inverted “S” Mint Mark LWC, however you may be unaware of the curious case of the 1910 S RPM-003 LWC. Described by CONECA, Coppercoins and in Wexler’s listings as “Inverted S/lnverted S East” it is the first identified Lincoln Cent variety to cross into two classifications. An RPM, a RePunched Mintmark, and an IMM, an Inverted Mint Mark! Could this then be considered a “new” classification, an RPIMM a “Re-Punched Inverted Mint Mark”? There are certainly no other comparisons to this unique variety! The MS65 + specimen pictured above shows the telltale split serifs and intertwined “S’s” which identify this elusive variety.

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Anybody wanting to join CONECA should contact Maria Rickert – Kittell at P.O. Box 233, Armada, MI 48005 or email maria@conecaonline.org

A copy of the application form may be download at http://conecaonline.org/content/join.html. Annual dues are as follows: Adult Member $25.00 per year, Young Numismatist (online Errorscope only) $7.50 per year or (online Errorscope plus mailed hard copy) $17.50.

CONECA members wishing to receive a login username and password to access the Errorscope Online Members Only area, please email the Membership Coordinator, Maria Rickert – Kittell at the address listed above. A valid email address on file with CONECA is required for access to current and back issues of the Errorscope online.

2019 CONECA Awards
By JC Stevens

The annual CONECA Errorama Banquet Dinner was held at the Carlucci Restaurant in Rosemont, IL. At the banquet award winners for 2019 were announced and handed to those who attended. For the award winners who were unable to attend the banquet the award will be mailed to the address you provided.

Congratulations to all those listed below.

Xan Chamberlain was named to CONECA Hall of Fame
Xan Chamberlain was named to CONECA Hall of Fame for a “Life Service Achievement Hall of Fame award” which reflects the culmination of a career of dedicated service to CONECA in the field of numismatic errors and varieties

2019 Dr. Lyndon King Outstanding Member
Robert Mills was named the 2019 Dr. Lyndon Outstand Member. This award was begun in 1986 to honor Dr. Lyndon King for his generous monetary contributions to CONECA.

2019 Kenny Knapp Award
Two classes of Kenny Knapp Awards will be given to qualifying individuals or other entities (such as commercial web sites, educational websites, publishers, coauthors of self-published books, etc.).
Bob Mellor is the Annual Recruiter
This award is given annually to the individual/entity sponsoring the most new members in an awards year.
Al Raddi (58) & James Motley (52) Reached 50 Member Recruiter Award
This award is for individuals/entities when they reach 25, 50 and 100 recruitments. 

2019 Literary Awards
The Literary Recognitions is for all persons publishing qualifying material in Errorscope or on the club web site. This year the follow winners were awarded a paperweight.

Leroy Van Allen
Mark Benvenuto
Dr. Ron Brown
Joseph Cronin
Jason Cuvelier
Isaiah Hageman
Hunter Hicks
Hayden T. Howard
Jimmy Krozel
Julian Krozel
Mark Lighterman
Bob Mellor
John H. Miller Jr.
James Motley
Denny Polly
Ken Potter
Al Raddi
Maria Rickert-Kittell
Benjamin C. Simpson
O.T. Thompson
Mike Wallace
Logan Wostyn
Jeff Ylitalo
James Zimmerman



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