Oh, No It Ain’t

History of the column 

A number of years ago, CONECA member, Bill Fivaz penned a popular long-running series entitled, “Oh, No It Ain’t …!!”  It was published in the CONECA Errorscope for 26 consecutive issues from the March 1991 issue through the July/August 1994 issue.  His focus was on a variety of different coins that at first glance may have fooled many collectors into believing they were legitimate error coins.  It included such items as faked clips, double strikes and brockages; plugged coins, reeded blanks, Mint/Proof Set Sealing Device damage, “jumbo coins” (from hammering), etc.

When Bill finally ended the series he indicated that if there was anybody who wanted to carry it on that it was open to them.  Later, when I mentioned the column to him in casual conversation, he repeated his offer and suggested that if I was interested in reviving the series — to feel free.  That offer was made eight or nine years ago and since then I’ve entertained the idea, off and on, many times.

The clincher was the CONECA Membership Survey that was sent out in 2003.  In it we asked members for their likes/dislikes and suggestions of what they’d like to see in the Errorscope or on the web site.  Respondents ranked a column such as this one right at the top of the list.  So be it!  The revived “Oh, No It Ain’t …!!” column will continue on from where Bill left off.  I hope you enjoy!   Ken Potter 03/11/04.

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