2005 Errorama Report

Longtime Errorists Show Up! 
by Fred Weinberg
Photos by Sara Weinberg

August 08, 2005—The CONECA table was upstairs, and although I did stop by a few times when I was upstairs (judging, the talk, and especially looking at the Mint’s never-before-seen log books!), I didn’t spend more than a minute or two each time.  However, the table was always manned and seemed to be nicely organized with handouts available, etc.

Editors Note: Fred also met up with several old-time errorists while at the show and his daughter Sara took pictures of them with him at the Fred Weinberg & Co. table on the main bourse. Errorama was at the American Numismatic Association’s, 114th Anniversary “World’s Fair Of Money” Convention held in San Francisco on July 27-31, 2005.

From left to right:
Jim Layman, John Devine, Fred Weinberg, Peggy Devine

Fred Weinberg and Syd Kass

Syd Kass, Fred Weinberg, Bill Fivaz, Xan Chamberlain, Alan Herbert, and Lee Gong taken at the Numismatic Theatre.

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