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CONECA 30th Anniversary Medals


 Struck On 2013 American
Silver Eagles

 Total Mintage was
130 pieces

CONECA “Challenge Coin”


 (All Donations went to the YN Fund)

  CONECA “Challenge Coin” Colorized Bronze 1-1/2 ”
Total Mintage 100

    The Combined Organizations Of Numismatic Error Collectors Of America announces the minting of a
six-color enameled bronze “Challenge Coin” type of medal that features the CONECA logo on the obverse and the legend “I Love Error & Variety Coins” on the reverse.  These attractive pieces were die-struck,  antiqued, enameled and then coated with a heavy layer of lacquer to protect the finish.

The reverse was designed after a well-received button that CONECA had a number of years ago (through the Errorscope and at Errorama) for members to wear at coin shows and conventions to let dealers know they were interested in error coins.  The original button said “I  Love Error Coins” (with a heart in place of the word LOVE) and actually did have a tendency of attracting the attention of dealers who could at times be caught hurrying down an isle yelling to a passing errorist:  “I have error coins for sale.”  This story may sound funny but it is absolutely true!

We’ve taken that button design and combined it with our new color logo to create the club’s first “Challenge Coin!”  In fact, as an interesting tidbit of numismatic history in the making, we may be the fist coin club to make one!  Historically, a “Challenge Coin” is a type of medal (most often colorized) that you are “required” to carry with you and be able to present upon being challenged by anybody within your “group” in accordance with a very colorful set of rules.  Originally, they were restricted to the military but today, many of the Mints producing these market them to entities that use them solely for commemorative or presentation purposes.  Consider ours whatever you want but for the record — I’ll be carrying mine with me!

The “Challenge Coin” has been specifically approved by the board to help breathe new life into our Young Numismatist Program by directing all donations from the sales of this medal to the YN Fund with a focus on sending  YNs to future ANA Summer Seminars.

It’s been a few years since we sent any YNs to the  ANA Summer Seminar but we firmly believe that the future of CONECA is in our youth and that such a program is worth revitalizing.  We hope that you will help with a small donation for one of these medals and have some fun!   It’ll be good for the hobby and you’ll love the “Challenge Coin” too!


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