Examination Services

CONECA offers an examination service whereby members and non-members to send coins to an authorized CONECA examiner who will return an opinion of each coin’s error classification.

Examination Only Process

1 Identify the appropriate examiner.
2 Email or write to the examiner requesting approval to send your coins. By doing this, you can ensure that your coins will arrive at a time when the examiner is really available (i.e., not on vacation or away cherrypicking at a show).
3 For every coin you’re sending, tell the examiner the denomination, date, quantity, and any specific questions you’d like to have answered
4 When the examiner gives you the okay to send your coins, then package and ship your coins by U.S. Postal Service. You should ship the coins by insured or registered mail with the proper amount of insurance. Do not ship by certified mail as it provides no insurance.
5 When shipping your coins, be sure to include the appropriate check or money order (payable to the attributer) to cover attribution fees. The fee is $10.00 per coin. You must also include return postage and insurance, which is $8.00 per package with $100 Ins. Please add $1.00 for each additional $100 of insurance you desire. Check with the USPS for registered mail prices, should you desire to have your coins returned by registered mail. There will be a $25.00 handling fee for each package returned by registered mail.

CONECA Error Examiners

United States Errors

Mike Diamond

Ronald Fern
P.O. Box 704
Placentia, CA 92871

Mark Lighterman
Planchet & striking errors only
5224 West SR 46, #408
Sanford, FL 32771

Bill Fivaz
PO Box 888660
Dunwoody, GA 30356-0660

World Errors
Mike Ellis
320 Campbell Drive, Apt 213
Camilla, GA 31730


Note Regarding Submissions
• An Examiner diagnoses and describes mint errors. He’s a diagnostician.
• An Attributer compares a submitted variety to the list of known varieties and tries to find a match. If there’s no match, he assigns it a new CONECA number or if it’s a world variety, a new number in the Variety Coin Register.
• Potential submitters should first contact their chosen expert by phone or e-mail to make sure they can accept your coins and are not struggling with a backlog. You may also contact your attributer by SASE.

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