Examination Services

CONECA now offers our Examination Service for
MEMBERS and NON-MEMBERS through our Forum.

As of November 23, 2020 CONECA has reorganized the management of the CONECA Master List and updated its submission process.

Going forward, new CONECA numbers will be assigned by our lead attributor Jason Cuvelier through a CONECA site being developed. CONECA numbers are no longer issued through varietyvista.com.

You do not need to be a CONECA member to submit a coin for Examination services but you do have to create an ID and join the Forum HERE. CONECA is a non-profit whose memberships support our YN program, scholarships and publishing costs for Errorscope, our award winning bi-monthly magazine.

At this time we are accepting coin submissions for Examination through our Forum found HERE.

If you are looking for CONECA to examine and give an opinion of your coin, the examiners that have been listed in prior issues of Errorscope or the CONECA website should not be sent coins or contacted directly. These examiners are not on the Forum and will not respond through it until we alert them.

When a submitted coin has been looked at and confirmed through the appropriate Forum thread a CONECA attributer will then be assigned. The examiner will contact the submitter with instructions on where to send your coin for further examination if needed. Our current Examiners are:

US Errors — Mark Lighterman / striking & planchet errors only

We appreciate your patience as we reorganize and create a new management system for the CONECA Master List and look forward to helping you identify your varieties and errors.

Attribution fees are $8 per coin for CONECA members. Non-member prices are $10 per coin. 
Cost of return postage & insurance are extra.

Return postage costs are added at $8.00 per package with $100 Ins. Please add $1.00 for each additional $100 of insurance you desire. Check with the USPS for registered mail prices, should you desire to have your coins returned by registered mail. There will be an additional $15 mailing charge for each package returned by registered mail.

When sending coins, pack them carefully and ship through the U.S. Postal Service by insured or registered mail with the proper amount of insurance. Do not ship by certified mail that provides no insurance.

Note Regarding Submissions
• An Examiner diagnoses and describes mint errors. He’s a diagnostician.
• An Attributer compares a submitted variety to the list of known varieties and tries to find a match. If there’s no match, he assigns it a new CONECA number.

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