2011 Errorama Report

President’s Message

It is nearing Summer time here in Florida and that means it is even closer to Errorama. The excitement is building and as promised in the last issue of the Errorscope here is the information you will need to plan to attend.

Errorama will be held in Chicago this time in conjunction with the ANA Worlds Fair of Money. The dates of the ANA show is August 16th through the 20th, 2011. We will again hold our annual awards banquet, but it will be held on Thursday this year not Friday. The reason behind this is that ANA’s has moved their banquet back one day to Friday which was our traditional banquet night. We will be holding it at Gibson’s which is next door to the convention center. If you are planning on attending you can buy a ticket at the CONECA table or contact, Donald Beard who is in charge of Errorama this year, myself or any board member to let them know you are planning to attend. The cost for the banquet is only $45 per person, quite reasonable for the Chicago area and I’ve heard the food is excellent!

During our banquet we will be awarding the Cherrypicker’s award, the Lyndon King Award and inducting our newest member into CONECA’s Hall of Fame. Past winners will be there like Ken Potter and Mike Ellis. Remember this is your club. These awards are for service to the club, its members, and the error and variety hobby in general. If you feel someone is worthy of any of these honors, please send me a note with a brief bio on the person being nominated and I will bring it to the attention of the board. Also, direct your attention to the club web-site. An announcement for the HOF award and the minimum criteria to qualify is clearly spelled out. Deadline for nominations is 27 June 2011.

Mike Ellis has gladly volunteered to be our guest speaker at the banquet provided his others duties do not conflict with the banquet. These duties involved his being elected to the board of governor’s of the ANA. I ask everyone to congratulate him on this achievement and it shows this board dedication to the hobby.

Besides the banquet, the CONECA board and members will be hanging around the club table usually located in the club midway on the bourse floor. This to me is the Come by to pick up your banquet tickets, show us your finds and to enter them in the running for the Cherrypicker’s Award, to ask a question or just to sit and talk. The table will be manned full time so drop by anytime as you never know what you will see or who you will meet.

Also look for us to hold our general membership meeting sometime in the latter part of the week. Please plan to attend and give us you thoughts, concerns and to see your board in action.

Well it is time to get back to planning other Errorama activities, we hope to see you there!


The complete story in a PDF from Errorscope is here.


Errors Range From Cents Through Gold At ANA/Errorama
September 26, 2011—From hard to buy gold errors to errors on popular collector coins, this year I had the privilege of seeing many of them at the American Numismatic Association World’s Fair Of Money Aug. 16-20 in suburban Chicago. For a greater part of each day, I spent considerable time sitting behind the Combined Organizations Of Numismatic Error Collectors of America’s club table explaining to folks what kind of errors and varieties they brought for review. I also scrounged the floor to find a few neat errors and varieties to shoot photographs of.

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