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Articles in this issue include:

President’s Message
James Motley, CONECA President

Well, CONECA had a table set up at the local Polish American Coin Club show in Troy Michigan. I manned the table and had more people in the first 15 minutes of the show then we did in 4 days at the ANA convention. I attribute it to better table placement.

CONECA State Representatives Program Update
By James Motley

We are off and running! 26 States have one CONECA State Representative and several have more. We also have three Representatives in Canada from the provinces of Alberta, Ontario and Quebec. If you would like to become a State Representative please email me.

Membership News
By Maria Rickert-Kittell
Welcome to our 47 new CONECA members. Total Membership – 970
Recipient of the Romeo A. Maynard Scholarship for Young Numismatists
Elizabeth Difabio, Caleb Meier, Adhu Pa
All were recommended through the ANA.

Young Numismatists Program
By Logan Wostyn
Hello all! Love the participation im getting from all Conecas YN’s. Mailed out over a dozen prizes for the last issue. Also thank you for the nice notes you guys and gals leave me in your emails. Lets me know your enjoying these and learning something from me. Now let’s get on to this issues YN Challenge! This time we are going to do a minting quiz.


Fall 2021 PAN Show Update
By James Zimmerman

For the third consecutive show, CONECA was present at the Pennsylvania Association of Numismatist (PAN) Coin Show held in Monroeville, PA (Pittsburgh Suburb). PAN was gracious to give us free space again for the threeday event that started Thursday October 28, 2021.

CONECA Offers Overstrike Medals
By James Motley

The Combined Organizations of Numismatic Error Collectors of America (CONECA) is offering a limited number of Mexican Coyolxauhqui Commemorative 50 Peso coins Overstruck with CONECA’s Logo die mated with a St. Gaudens Double Eagle Liberty design on the flip side. St. Gaudens’ Miss Liberty holding a torch and olive branch design is considered one of the most beautiful struck by the US Mint.

Michael S. Fey Acquires Leroy Van Allen’s Numismatic Assets

Ironia, NJ.—November 29, 2021. Michael S. Fey, Ph.D., of Rare Coin Investments (RCI) acquired the Numismatic Assets of Leroy Van Allen…

Reduction Lathe Doubled Dies
By Ken Potter

Dies are sometimes created directly from master tooling with a Reduction Lathe.

1930-S Standing Liberty Quarter “Disappearing Date” Variety Revisited
By Robert H. Knauss and Gary Hamm

I have always been fascinated with what I refer to as the 1930-S “disappearing date” variety. It is listed in my book Standing Liberty Quarter Varieties & Errors (2d. ed.) as K-0020. It is one of my favorite varieties because it involves an interesting die break progression that can be found in several different die stages.

Early Retained Cud
Image from the Hamm Collection

Willamette Coin Club
By Jimmy Krozel

After being in isolation for over 1 year, the Willamette Coin Club hosted its Annual Coin Show in Portland, OR on Nov. 13-14, 2021. The Oregon CONECA State Representative, Jimmy Krozel, manned the booth and answered questions about error coins from the crowd and gave away ErrorScope magazines and coin blanks to kids.

Casino Chip and Token Errors
By Allan Anderson

Ever since I joined CONECA and became the editor of this magazine, my knowledge of error coins was very limited, actually it was closer to no knowledge. Over the years I have learned a lot from article submissions and from discussions with members and I’m really enjoying this hobby.

My collections interest have been casino chips silver strikes and tokens from all Hard Rock properties.

An 1855 O Seated Half Dime
By Patrick Jenkins

It was the Sunday morning after I had received an email from Tim Pope, Ron’s Pope son, with the news of Ron’s passing. I must admit my heart wasn’t excited as usual to go pick the Joppa Maryland flea market. Ron and I had many discussions on cherry picking, a subject matter that seemed to enter all emails or private messages while on line chatting with one another.

Missing Clad Layers
By Ken Potter

This 2002-D Mississippi State quarter was struck on a clad planchet that was missing an outer clad layer before it was struck. This type of error will expose the copper core on either the obverse or reverse and will be underweight. This one exhibits a great deal of weakness in detail due to insufficient metal for the dies to strike up. Notice the weakness of the characters about the rim. State quarters with the missing clad layer on the reverse are worth more than those with it missing on the obverse. Coin from the Ken Potter Collection.

Cuve’s Round Up 19
By Jason Cuvelier

Below is a 1979 10C Mexican with a nice class 1 DDR. Next is another Mexican coin, a Madero 1988 500p, also a class 1 DDR. Next is a 1977 Washington struck over a previously struck Jefferson from the E Raser Collection.
Mexico1979 10c DDR

1977 Washington Quarter struck over a struck Jefferson Nickel

Below is a Lincoln Cent 1973D with a nice clash, followed by a minor RPM submitted by Marvin Young that we have added as an 1950S RPM-1001.

Lincoln Cent ACD-1c-1973D-01

Lincoln Cent 1950S 1c RPM-1001

Next is a project I have been working on focusing on documenting a, sort of, greatest hits of Lincoln Cent DDOs impacting the date thinking this fully streched out might make a nice poster. Lastly, while not the largest known misaligned die (MAD), this particular example on a R10 is the most extreme I have (or have seen in person).

India R.10 2020 MAD


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