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Thanks to the generosity of CONECA member, Bill Fivaz, over 35 slide show presentations on subjects such grading, counterfeit detection, the minting process and error and variety coins are available for loan at “no charge” to club members who want to show them to groups.


Available Color Slides For Club Programs, Educational Study And Research

The following slide series are available on a “No Charge” basis to all recognized numismatic organizations for educational purposes. They are copyrighted and no series or portion thereof may be reproduced in any manner without specific permission of the author.
When Requesting A Series, Please Adhere to the Following:
1 Indicate the particular series you would like to borrow by letter/number designation and name.
2 Advise for what purpose they are being requested (name of club, etc.), and the date they will be used.
3 An estimate of the number of people that will be viewing the program will be helpful.
4 Please include $6 per set with your request which will cover postage, necessary insurance, handling, etc.

In the event an individual or group wishes to purchase slides (S) or prints (P) of any series so marked (some are available only in slides), the cost is indicated after each in parenthesis. This price includes postage, insurance and handling.

NOTE: Please be aware that some slide series (The Counterfeit Detection Series, for example), title slides are used in the slide program but are omitted as unnecessary in the set of prints. For this reason, there are a few less prints (photos) in some series.

Also, it helps tremendously if you order the series you want for your program about 15 days prior to the viewing. In this manner it will afford you the time to preview the slides prior to the meeting and coordinate them with the accompanying text (where one is involved). It is also important that you return the series as soon as possible after the showing as other clubs may wish to borrow the same set.

Thanks very much, and I hope you can use something from the following list.

Bill Fivaz
PO Box 888660
Dunwoody, GA 30356-0660

Available Color Slides

(All series include close-up slides
indicating the first point of wear)
These slides were taken with the ANA Grading Guide and/or Photograde as a reference.  The text from either of these books should be read as the particular grades shown (preferably the current ANA Grading Guide as it contains all the Mint State grades).
Set A.   FLYING EAGLE 1c: 24 slides showing obverse and reverse of grades from MS-65 to About Good. (Slides, if purchased – $30 / set).
Set B.   INDIAN 1c: 22 slides showing obverse and reverse of grades from MS-65 to Good. (S -$30)
Set C.   LINCOLN 1c: 22 slides showing obverse and reverse of grades from MS-65 to Good. (S -$30)
Set D.   SHIELD 5c: 22 slides showing obverse and reverse of grades from MS-65 to Good. (S -$30)
Set E.   LIBERTY 5c: 22 slides showing obverse and reverse of grades from MS-65 to Good. (S -$30)
Set F.   BUFFALO 5c: 28 slides showing obverse and reverse of grades from MS-67 to Good, including slides of a MS-65 1918/7 overdate. (S – $35)
Set G.   JEFFERSON 5c: 22 slides showing obverse and reverse of grades from MS-65 to Very Fine, including slides of Var. 1 Stems, .05 and .06 step coins and an early die state of the 1943/2-P overdate. (S – $30)
Set H.   BARBER 10c: 22 slides showing obverse and reverse of grades from MS-65 to Good. (S -$30)
Set I.   MERCURY 10c: 31 slides showing obverse and reverse of grades from MS-67 to About. Good, including slides of Full Split Bands.  Also, close-up shots of the 1942/1-P and 1942/1-D overdates in MS-65. (S – $35)
Set J.   SEATED LIB. 25c / 50c: 22 slides showing obverse and reverse of grades from MS-65 to Good. (S -$30)
Set K.   BARBER 25c: 22 slides showing obverse and reverse of grades from MS-65 to Good. (S -$30)
Set L.   STANDING LIB. 25c: 27 slides showing obverse and reverse of grades from MS-65 to Good,
including close-up shots of Var. 1 and Var. 2 Full Heads and a MS63 1918/7-S overdate. (S- $35)
Set M.   WASHINGTON 25c: 22 slides showing obverse and reverse of grades from MS-65 to Good. (S -$30)
Set N.   WALKING LIB. 50c: 25 slides showing obverse and reverse of grades from MS-65 to Good. (S -$35)
Set O.   MORGAN $1: 29 slides showing obverse and reverse of grades from MS-67 to Good, including weak strikes. (S – $30)
Set P.   PEACE $1: 23 slides showing obverse and reverse of grades from MS-67 to Fine. (S -$30)


Approximately 80 slides featuring detailed close-up color shots of the following GENUINE coins as well as a list of diagnostics to look for on each:
NOTE:  The text for each is included on slides (or photos). 1877 1c, 1909-S VDB 1c, 1914-D 1c, 1922 (“No D”) 1c, 1931-S 1c, 1955/55 Doubled Die 1c, 1916/16 Doubled Die 5c, 1918/7-D 5c, 1937-D 3-Leg 5c, 1943/2-P 5c, 1916-D 10c, 1921-P & D 10c, 1942/1-P 10c, 1942/1-D 10c, 1918/7-S 25c, 1932-S & D 25c, 1889-CC $1, 1893-S $1, 1894-P $1, 1928-P $1.  (The entire series is available at $100 for the slides or $60 for the photos.)


(The text is included in slides)
Approximately 33 slides covering questions often asked about various coins. Examples:  the difference between die doubling and “strike doubling”; how to distinguish between Matte Proofs and business strikes, how to tell the difference between the reeding on a proof coin and a business strike; what is a “Full Step” Jefferson 5c?; what is a “Full Band” Mercury 10c, a “Full Head” Standing Liberty 25c; a “Full Bell Line” Franklin 50c?; what is the difference between a weak strike and a coin struck by worn dies? (S $50, P -$30)
33 slides illustrating some 25 different coins that are
relatively common dates in themselves but which contain varieties that are very scarce to rare.  In most cases these 25 varieties can be found among the stock of regular coins and purchased for the price of the “normal” coin.  (S – $45, P – $30)
25 new coins in new series (as above). (S – $45, P – $30)
(with accompanying list of slides)
This series is a combination of slides by Leroy Van Allen and Bill Fivaz.   Those shots of the actual Minting Process and the diagrams in the body of the series were taken by Mr. Van Allen, while the photos of the errors and the diagrams in the review section were supplied by Bill Fivaz.  The errors are inserted at the particular point in the minting process were they would occur.  This is intended to help the viewer understand how the machinery functions as well as offering an insight into authentication of various mint errors.  Approx. 80 slides.  (S – $100)
(With accompanying text)
22 slides showing various functions of the coin-making
process, from the initial melt to the counting and bagging operation.  Slides taken from the actual floor in 1970.  (S – $20)
(With accompanying text)
15 slides graphically showing how a die cracks after repeated usage.   The medals struck by the die and the die itself were made by Del Romines and the series takes us through the progressive deterioration of that die.  An in-depth text accompanies the series.  (S – $20)
(With accompanying
description sheet)
Approximately 45 slides illustrating various abnormal
characteristics on coins that occur from time to time.  Such things as weak strikes, laminations, worn die strikes, die cracks and breaks, repunched dates and mintmarks and many others are shown.  (S – $60)
(With accompanying list of slides)
Approximately 80 slides.  This series covers various
coins that have repunched dates, repunched mintmarks, etc.  Some very interesting and quite rare pieces are presented in this series.  (S – $100)
(With accompanying text)
31 slides.  This series shows full coin and close-up
shots of every recognized overdate from 1880 to 1980.  Coins pictured are almost all Mint State and include:  1888/7 1c; 1887/6 3c (N); 1883/2 5c; 1918/7-D 5c; 1943/42-P 5c; 1942/1-P 10c; 1942/1-D 10c; 1918/7-S 25c; 1880-P & CC & S $1; 1887/6-P & O $1; 1881/1880 $5; 1901/00-S $5; and 1909/8 $20.  (S – $45)
(All slides are titled)
Approximately 70 slides illustrating some unusual and rare varieties on Seated Liberty coinage.  (Repunched dates and mintmarks, doubled dies, etc.)  (S – $100, P – $60)
(Text accompanies all 3 sets)
Slides showing BU examples of three of the most
widely collected areas of Morgan Varieties.
Set 1: 1878 7/8 TF: 19 slides showing all varieties from VAM-30 to VAM-45, plus specific obverse shots of VAM’s #32, 41 and 44.  All shots are close-ups. (S – $30, P – $17)
Set 2:  1880 Overdates:  40 close-ups slides illustrating detailed shots of all major 1880-P, CC,O & S overdates.  (S – $60, P – $35)
Set 3:  1900-O/CC:  9 slides showing detailed shots of VAM’s #7, 8, 8A, 9, 11, & 12, including appropriate obverses.  (S – $15, P – $8)
(Text accompanies
all 3 sets)
Set 1.  Planchet Errors:  31 slides illustrating various planchet errors.  (S – $45)
Set 2.  Die Errors:  34 slides of major die errors.  (S – $45)
Set 3. Striking Errors:   34 slides showing some very unusual striking errors.  (S – $45)Note: All 3 of the above
slide sets are available as a set for $125.
(With accompanying text)
Approximately 12 slides showing the always interesting and impressive double denomination striking errors.  Suck odd combinations as 11c pieces, 6c pieces and 30c specimens are highlighted in this rather short but interesting series.  (S – $20)
(With accompanying text)
Approximately 40 slides depicting the most common types of counterfeit errors the collector is likely to encounter.  (S – $45)
XXI.   JEFFERSON 5c STEP COUNT: 19 slides showing different step counts on the reverse from .00 to .06 steps.  (S – $15)
11 slides illustrating the 10 major die varieties in the
Jefferson 5c series.  (S – $45)
XXV.  NAME THAT VARIETY 31 slides.  Extreme close-up shots of 30 different die
varieties.   How many can the audience identify?  A list of the varieties accompanies the series.  (S – $45)

* Skips in sequential order are due to “missing” sections not related to the error-variety hobby not being included on this list. See The CONECA Handbook for the more comprehensive listing which including other subjects.

Hopefully more series will be added in the future as well as additions to the existing sets where applicable. I am always open to suggestions other series that you’d like to see. If I am able to obtain the necessary specimens to photograph and there is enough demand, I’ll undertake such a project.

Also, specialty work is available for individuals or clubs at reduced rates if a specific coin on series is wanted.

On all orders, please bear in mind that in some cases additional sets must be made up which m,may take up to 3 weeks. This concerns sets that are purchased.

To order any series or to obtain any set on loan for your club program, please refer back to page the instructions at the top of this page.

Please note: This list was originally published in May of 1987. Due to possible changes in postal rates since that time, or additions to the sets since that time – prices for return postage on sets “on loan” and sell prices are subject to change. It is best to check on the exact prices at the time of your order in the event that slight price changes are applicable.

Bill Fivaz
PO Box 888660
Dunwoody, GA 30356-0660


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